Mac OS X 10.7 experiences and incompatibilities

I’m currently running the GM version of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and ran into a few things that I wanted to share with you.

First of all, Little Snitch 2.3.6 and Cisco AnyConnect 3.0.2 don’t work correctly with Lion. Little Snitch keeps respawning and never actually launches, it can be easily uninstalled using the uninstall option in the installer. If you want you can download a nightly build that solves these issues here (UPDATE: Little Snitch 2.4.1 is Lion compatible and available here). Cisco AnyConnect will authenticate but is unable to establish a connection and will produce an error message. If your life/salary depends on AnyConnect, refrain from installing Lion for now (UPDATE: see below).

Another piece of software that doesn’t survive the upgrade is the e.dentifier2 software from ANB Amro, you can safely download and reinstall it (here) and it will work correctly.

I hoped the archive option in Apple Mail would be compatible with GMail but unfortunately it is not. Google simply removes the “Inbox” tag from a message so it will only appear in the “All messages” box. Apple Mail creates a separate mailbox called “Archive” on the server and copies all mail in this location. I’ll keep looking for a better solution but for now I don’t see it.

The biggest thing is the reversed scrolling, it behaves now like the iPad and iPhone but you’re not working on an iPad so you keep messing it up. This will take me a while to get used to.

UPDATE: Cisco has released version 3.0.3 of the AnyConnect Secure Mobility client. This update unfortunately does not work with all gateways as it holds a certificate validation error and will sometimes not connect. The bug is filed with Cisco under ID CSCtr64798 and has a severity 2 status. In my experience it works fine if your router uses its self signed certificates. When using certificated signed by a CA your mileage my vary. There is a workaround available by importing the certificates to your local certification store. As of today (the 29th of July) Cisco states on their twitter feed that a fix is coming soon.

UPDATE 2: Cisco has issued a new update to their AnyConnect client that effectively solved the problems mentioned above. If you have a valid Cisco support contract you can grab it here. As mentioned in the comments the e.dentifier2 software from ABN Amro only works when Java is installed on Mac OS X. You can download Java for Lion here.