Tele2 Fiberspeed VDSL with a Cisco modem

I have ordered Fiberspeed from Tele2, an affordable 50/5 VDSL connection. The modem is in but I’d like to hook it up to a Cisco router. I’ve ordered a 887VW that should do the job and used this hint to gain access to the setup of the Comtrend modem that Tele2 ships. The setup backup file reveals your PPPoE username and password although I suspect that they’re the same for everyone (username Comtrend, password Q29xxxxxxxxx). If this is indeed the case I’ll post them here later.

Update: Those settings indeed apply to every new modem shipped to a customer. However once connected it will download a new connection profile with your own PPPoE username and password in it which you’ll need to setup your Cisco router (or any other router for that matter). As of today the Tele2 Comtrend modem is still vulnerable to the hack listed in the link above so you should have no problem extracting the username and password. The username ends in and the password is encoded with base64 that you can safely decode here. Once you have this information it’s time to setup your Cisco router, I posted the required config lines here.


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