SSID with a space in your Cisco config

Everybody says you shouldn’t do it but no one tells you why so I will.

You can create a new ssid with a space character in the config like this:

dot11 ssid My Network
vlan 75
authentication open
authentication key-management wpa
wpa-psk ascii 0 your_great_password

And this seems to be working fine. Since this network isn’t configured as guest-mode you’ll have to manually add it to your configuration and this is where the problems arise. Windows Vista i.e. will not login to this network, not even with the ‘join network when name is not being broadcasted’ check box is selected. So it doesn’t work and you want to change the ssid (and because Cisco tell you to).

And you can’t! Because of the extra space in the SSID there’s no way you can edit this ssid configuration again. When you try to remove it you’re stuck with the same problem. Fortunately there’s a trick, when configuring the dot11radio interface type the ssid name with brackets surounding it to remove it:

no ssid [My Network]

It will disable the ssid form the dot11radio configuration but it will not remove the entry itself form the configuration (if that would be possible you could also edit the entry ;). However since it’s no longer applied to the interface you can create a new ssid for that vlan and be home free.

If you want to reload the entire config be my guest but I’ve yet to see a customer worry about the way his config looks.


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